Webinar on Research Trends in the Flow-Sediment-Vegetation Interactions in Fluvial System

    The riparian landscapes in many river reaches have been changing from white sand/gravel bars to greenery lands covered with grass, bush and mature trees. This change can change the riparian ecosystem and the river's engineering functions relevant to the flood management and sediment regimes. Although the succession of recruitment to mature vegetation is considered a part of natural phenomena, the rate of change has been affected by anthropogenic activities caused by alteration of the flow and sediment regimes and water quality traits of the river system. Another driver for possible cause could be a change in rainfall patterns in the critical period of riparian plants' life cycle due to climate change. This special session focuses on  the conceptualization of the cause and effect of such change,  the field investigations on the "greening” of the riparian landscape, and the characteristics, degrees of such change, and impacts (positive and negative) on the riparian ecosystem, including flood management and sediment regimes.

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    Invited Speakers

    Angela Gurnell
    Professor of Physical Geography

    Queen Mary University of London, UK

    Takashi Asaeda
    Professor Emeritus

    Saitama University, Japan

    Chanjoo Lee
    Senior Researcher

    Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology

    Diego Garcia de Jalon

    Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

    Gregory Egger
    Senior Researcher

    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

    Mark Dixon

    Missouri River Institute, University of South Dakota, USA

    Shanze Li
    Senior Engineer

    China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China

    Rohan Benjankar
    Assistant Professor

    Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA

    Practical Information

    • 12noon UTC | 8pm Beijing | 7am New York, Thursday, November 18, 2021
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