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This webinar starts at 12:00 UTC / London | 13:00 Madrid | 14:00 Johannesburg | 17:30 New Delhi | 20:00 Beijing / Singapore | 21:00 Seoul / Tokyo | 23:00 Sydney | 04:00 Los Angeles | 07:00 New York

1. Opening

  • Opening address (5 mins)
  • Introduction of the Journal on Ecohydraulics (5 mins)

2. Invited speeches I (20 mins each)

  • Angela Gurnell | Queen Mary University of London, UK
    Changing Rivers: Interactions Among River Flows, Sediments and Vegetation
  • Takashi Asaeda | Saitama University, Japan
    Foliar H2O2 Concertation-Based Stress Modelling in Plants: Implications for Riparian Vegetation Management
  • Chanjoo Lee | Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology, Korea
    Change from White to Green River: Long- and Short-term Perspective in Naeseong Stream, Korea
  • Diego Garcia de Jalon | Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
    Riparian Vegetation Structure in Rivers that Lost Their Dynamism

3. Panel discussion and Q&A (30 mins)

4. Invited speeches II (20 mins each)

  • Gregory Egger | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
  • Mark Dixon | Missouri River Institute, University of South Dakota, USA
    Colonization of Reservoir Delta-Backwater Areas by Woody Vegetation: Case Studies from the Missouri River, USA
  • Shanze Li | China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China
    What Drives the Plant Distribution in the Riparian Zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China
  • Rohan Benjankar | Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA
    Riparian Vegetation Recruitment Status at Dam Altered System and an Approach for Restoration

5. Panel discussion and Q&A (30 mins)

6. Concluding remarks (10 mins)

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